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Car Care Month is officially recognized twice a year, during the months of April and October. If you drive a car regularly – and it’s safe to say that most of us do – it’s time to mark your October calendar to remind you to care for your car!

Why October for Car Care?

October might seem like a strange time of year for focusing on vehicle maintenance, but it actually makes a lot of sense. National Car Care Month happens twice a year, during the months of April and October.    April is an ideal month for vehicle maintenance since it’s right before the summer drive time for family vacations, especially since people are staying close to home for family fun. October is a great time to focus on car care because it’s right before the winter season begins. Once the holiday-themed chaos of November and December hits, we’re too distracted to think about car maintenance for the winter months.

The Cost of No Car Care

Whether or not you care for your vehicle, there’s going to be associated cost. Consistent car maintenance costs a little at a time, which can feel frustrating or that you’re being “nickel and dimed to death.”    However, neglecting regular care of your vehicle will incur a greater number and amount of financial expenditures. If you don’t spend those nickels and dimes now on maintaining a smooth-running vehicle, you’ll feel the pinch when your car breaks down from the lack of general maintenance.

Car Care Tips

To keep your car operating at its best, it’s important to incorporate these simple tips into your vehicle maintenance calendar. Fortunately, October is the perfect time to start!

  • A Clear Path – Start with the windshield. Are there cracks or dings that need to be repaired so they don’t spread? Do the windshield wipers need replacement?
  •  Light the Way – Check that all interior lights are working properly, then test the brake lights, headlights, and signals for safety.
  • Keep the Car Hydrated – We usually only think of keeping people hydrated, but it’s important to check and maintain your vehicle’s fluids as well. Reveiw the levels of the brake, transmission, power steering, engine oil, and antifreeze fluids and replace them as needed.
  • A Steady Foundation – Do a routine check of the tires, not just for the correct pressure but also for uneven wear and bulges or bald spots. These could indicate the need for replacement or for an alignment.

While many of these simple tips can help you keep your car running smoothly and efficiently, it is important to enlist the help of a professional for those tasks that you’re unable to complete yourself. Just make sure to mark your calendar to help you remember to schedule your routine vehicle maintenance before the winter sets in!

Kelly Wilson is a car enthusiast who enjoys shopping for and writing about Truck Accessories in Portland, Oregon.