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We automatically assume that taking a car off the road will be good for the environment, and of course for the most part this is the case, especially where the vehicle concerned is quite old. However, the positive impact of removing the car from road use can be completely negated if the car isn’t disposed of correctly. Indeed if the car is incorrectly disposed of, even greater damage can be inflicted on the environment than from the car’s entire lifetime of use!

In the past the manufacturing process for cars was far less concerned with environmental standards. If you examine the typical profile of emissions from older cars you would see an array of poisonous gases that had a very detrimental effect, both on the environment and also on the health and well-being on the general population. People with specific conditions, such as asthma, have been badly affected by these pollutants (though more so in the past). Hence removing these older cars from general road use can have a very positive impact on the environment.

Sadly, if the hazardous materials and waste products from cars are not disposed of safely, they can end up being dumped in landfills or (even worse) poured into the sewage system, where their effects can be really serious. If you have reached the decision to scrap one of your cars, it is absolutely essential that you check the credentials of any car recycling centre before using them. You should ensure that the centre in question is in possession of an Authorised Treatment Facility permit. This ensures that your car will de disposed of using legal methods, in line with the UK’s ‘End of Life Vehicle Regulations’. This in turn ensures that no wider damage will be inflicted on the environment.

To obtain these government-issued licenses involves a significant investment from the centre in question- concrete, sealed drainage systems are mandatory, which are costly. When scrapping cars the centre must also ensure that potentially hazardous items such as oils and batteries are stripped away and disposed of appropriately. This also applies to tyres as well. It is only once this process has been completed that the car metal can be processed at the relevant facilities.

There are still companies operating outside of this legal framework that either side-step or completely ignore these critically important steps; that illegally dump the hazardous materials and then sell on the scrap metal for a profit. If you care for the environment it is critically important that you avoid using such establishments. This is why the Environmental Agency issues Authorised Treatment Facility permits.

Remember, by scrapping your old car you really can make a positive impact on the environment, but you do have to ensure that the recycling centre you use is operating within legal guidelines.

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