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When you consider all of the hard work that you have to go through in order to obtain your driving license and then to find a car for yourself it makes perfect sense to do all you can to keep your vehicle in a roadworthy state. Breakdowns and general problems are something that everyone wants to avoid and a number of tips can give you the best possible chance of doing this.

Take notice of the warnings

A warning light exists to tell you when something is not working as it should be and needs to be rectified so it is incredible that so many choose to turn a blind eye to them on many occasions. If one of these lights appears on your dashboard then take notice of it and have the problem seen to as soon as possible.

Keep the tyres in good condition

Ensuring that your tyres meet the legal requirements is a necessary process to keep you safe when using your vehicle as well as avoiding any possible sanctions as a result of not meeting the standard. The tyres should be inflated suitably as a means of keeping your car running well and avoiding extra fuel costs. There should also be at least 1.6 mm of tread depth across three quarters of the tyre to avoid problems such as skidding.

Check your fluid levels

Keep your levels of water, brake fluid and oil up to the right amount but leave the brake fluid to a mechanic if it needs to be adjusted. You can check your oil by using the dipstick and judging by the markings on it whereas the coolant can also be checked by looking under the bonnet.

Bring in the professionals

Having maintenance checks is a highly important and beneficial procedure to go through as the longer you go without looking over your vehicle the greater the risk of problems developing and going unnoticed before they become a much bigger issue. In addition to these checks you should also book the car in for a full service. During a service the vehicle will be subject to a comprehensive inspection and test which will highlight any issues that need to be addressed. Aspects of your car will generally decline and wear themselves down the older they get so it is very important to have the state of these checked and to replace them when necessary.

Article written by Dominic Midson representing one of Dublin’s quickest-developing auto services with eleven locations around the capital –