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If you are reading this, you are interested in driver safety. Many times in life it is found that many complex problems are solved by the most obvious solutions. Congratulations, you have proven the two prior statements correct by your apparent interest in the subject matter reflected in the title. The first motivating step in being a safer driver is to have an interest in exploring suggestions on how to become one. In terms of solutions, the obvious will be explored in the form of five common sense tips.

Tip #1:

Our first tip is being aware as a driver that safer drivers pay less, go through less problems, and enjoy more benefits by safe driving. Does this tip sound too obvious? The answer is yes, but it is easy to forget this concept. It needs to be brought to our attention each time we take the drivers wheel. Paying fines, court fees, and higher insurance premiums are problems each driver wants to avoid. Potential loss of time, problems with police, and bad driving records are issues all drivers desire to avoid, and can be avoided by simply being aware of the high cost of unsafe driving.

Tip #2:

Keeping clean is tip two. This involves making sure your windshield, lights, and turn signals are all clear from debris and dirt that can cause vision problems. Also, wiper blades should be kept in good shape along with the job of filling the washing spray container.

Tip #3:

The third suggestion is that of maintaining proper tire pressure. Over or under inflation could cause a potential accident by making the vehicle difficult to control. Do you want better gas mileage out of your car? Try this simple tip and you will notice a difference.

Tip #4:

Tip four is obvious, but is really the leading category of reasons for accidents. Just say no is the tip. That means no to texting, cell phone use, reading, eating or other activities while driving. These visual distractions are virtually needless to do while driving.

Tip #5:

Tip five is knowing your route. This gives you the freedom to concentrate on actual driving. Preplanned trips limit distractions and enable you to enjoy the trip.

As simple as they are, these five tips need to be an everyday part of our driving routine. In fact they are so obvious that we can be careless and forget to do them. Don’t forget, you are reading this to be a safer driver. Enjoy your travels!

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Seth is a driving instructor for over 10 years and enjoys blogging about his job. For more car saftey tips checkout Acceptance Car Insurance.