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Many people prefer to complete transactions over the phone or face-to-face, however, the ecommerce industry has been growing steadily for the past ten years. More and more consumers shop online because it is convenient and fast. We are not only talking about products (clothes, electronics, etc.) but also about services (insurance, cable, warranty, etc.).

When you’re shopping for a product or service, finding the best deal for something that’s high quality and backed by a solid, reliable company can be both time consuming and confusing. Such is generally the case when trying to locate the best extended auto warranty company. There are hundreds of these companies out there, especially online, yet only a handful of these car warranty providers are positioned at the top of the industry. An efficient way to weed out the less desirable ones, rather than having to do all the required legwork yourself, is to rely on someone with demonstrated industry experience to provide fair and honest auto warranty reviews regarding the available options.

 Extended Auto Warranty Companies

Fair and honest auto warranty reviews incorporate a wide range of information. This comes from industry sources, such a brokers selling coverage and dealing with individual providers, and from consumers with real-life experience in the process of buying and using their extended warranty coverage. Top-rated companies are those that maintain a high industry reputation and have a verifiable track record. They are known for providing the absolute best coverage, fairly priced and backed by uncompromising customer service. They will also typically have a long list of positive customer testimonials for review.

Some important factors you should consider when picking a company from which to buy an extended auto warranty include their having:

–          Longevity in the business

–          A high rating with the Better Business Bureau

–          A good rating with A.M. Best, the universally accepted insurance rating organization

–          A variety of coverage available, such as bumper-to-bumper, stated component and power-train policy options

–          Additional options such as roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement

–          A user-friendly, informative website offering free online quotes

A helpful Internet source providing comprehensive and unbiased auto warranty reviews,, alleviates the time and trouble required to find the best extended auto warranty companies by crunching the data and giving you the results. This is done through the collection of reviews, feedback and complaints received from consumers nationwide.  This information, combined with ongoing research into providers, is used to compile a list of the best in the business.

Rate Companies

If you have had experience dealing with an extended auto warranty company, whether positive or negative, you can leave your comments on the website to factor into auto warranty company review process. Auto Warranty Resources can only do part of the research and turn to customers to share their experience and opinions with other consumers to help them make their buying decision. Educating customers is very important and can only be done with the help from people who have information to share.

When searching for an extended auto warranty, one doesn’t need to scour the internet to find one. In fact, the search for one can be so overstuffed with options that it can become a bit overwhelming.