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The number of wedding car services have increased over the past couple years mainly because a growing number of the population want to hire luxury wedding cars for their event. Luxury and expensive cars like the Jaguar, Bentley, BMW 7 series, Mercedes S Class and Rolls Royce are available at most rental companies across Australia. Many companies also offer convertible American wedding cars like Mustangs and Cadillacs at premium prices. However, what many people are not fully aware of is the company’s rental policies. They are not sure how much these wedding cars will cost and on what basis they will be billed. So, there is a chance that they could end up paying more than they first estimated.

Value added services

Many car rental companies offer couples numerous value added services like trained chauffeurs, decorated vehicles, red carpets, chilled water, sparkling wine etc. however, many of these services are not free and so most people will assume that they get these services as part of the package they are being offered. This is until they are presented with the bill. The best way to avoid this unexpected surprise is to always ask how much you’re going to be charged for this service and ask the company to add it to the quote they are presenting you with.

The basis of the vehicle’s rent

Many wedding cars services have different policies regarding their rental vehicles. At times the same rental service will have different policies for different vehicles. For instance, some companies will offer the 1954 Rolls Royce on an hourly basis as opposed to their Mercedes which is offered on a daily basis. You should also ask the company, at what point will the time start? This is an important question because some companies will start billing you from the beginning of the day regardless of if you have received your vehicle.

When should you book your vehicle?

There are some times of the year which are considered peak times for weddings. It is during these peak times when finding and getting a vehicle can be near impossible. So, as a rule of thumb if you plan on getting married between January to April you should book 6 months in advance. If you are getting married in between May to August you can book a month or so in advance. Also December is a peak time too so plan accordingly. That being said booking your vehicle in advance means that you have more options in terms of model, color and style of the vehicle to choose from. In some instances you also get a better price.

Free replacement vehicle

What happens in the event that the vehicle you hire breaks down? With vintage cars this does happen and so you need to ask the wedding car company about their policy. Some companies will provide you with a replacement car while others may not or probably do so for an extra price. Ideally, you should be provided with a replacement ASAP with no extra charge. Also ask what vehicle will your car be replaced with? You should clarify this with the company prior to hiring a vehicle.

Check the license

Always hire wedding cars from a licensed car operator. This will ensure that you are dealing with professionals and the car you are travelling in, in addition to the company is insured. You can also be assured of great quality services and that your rights are always protected as per Australian law.

Preparing for a wedding is stressful enough and hiring a wedding car can certainly add to the stress. However, thanks to the internet many wedding car companies have websites from where you can search and select the vehicle you think is best for your wedding. This saves you from having to visit numerous wedding car services and inspecting every car prior to booking it. The points above will also help take the stress off short listing car rental services because now you know exactly what you are looking for.

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