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Rental cars are the best options for all those who enjoy driving but don’t have their vehicles. Most people don’t want to rely on public transportation for traveling and wish to hire rental cars. Even those who own cars don’t wish to travel their favorite hotspot with their vehicles. The major benefit of getting rental cars is that one gets the liberty to choose the favorite vehicles from a plethora of available options depending on the amount they can invest.

So, if you are also planning to hire rental cars Bay Area to travel to your favorite destinations, you need to have every detail about its cost. Meanwhile, you should also keep in your mind that the cost associated with the rental cars can make you confused. We are going to discuss here various car rental mistakes that can be costly for you and also how you can avoid them.

1.  Not Doing Enough Research

In-depth research work is something that keeps great importance no matter which service you hire. When it comes to hiring rental cars Bay Area, you need to spend more time performing research work to hire the right service provider.

You need to make a list of top car rental providers nearby your area and compare them based on their service quality, market reputation, cost, customer reviews, feedback, etc. It surely enables you to find the best car rental service provider who can cater to your needs by matching your expectation.

2.  Buying Extra Insurance that is not necessary

People who already own an auto insurance policy can avail benefits like collision coverage, personal liability, etc. if they use a rental car temporarily. Besides, if you use your credit card for booking and making payment for your rental car, you can cavil of another benefit of collision coverage.

You need to always remember the fact that your credit card coverage ends to cover everything that your policy can’t cover. Apart from this, if you are yet to buy your auto policy, then it’s a viable option for you to go for insurance provided by the car rental company that you are going to hire.

3.  Avoid Joining Rental Cub

Most people are not interested when it comes to joining the rental club. If you travel frequently, it’s certainly a good option for you to join a rental club and get your membership. If you opt for membership of higher tires, you need to pay an annual fee.

On the other hand, you can also avail of a free membership option that will certainly make you entitled to avail of benefits like discounted rentals. As a club member, you can also grab opportunities to increase your points for upgrades and also get a free rental option.

4.  Avoid Proper Inspection

People are often in rush and avoid inspecting necessary elements before renting cars. Meanwhile, you should inspect the vehicles thoroughly before renting them. Doing this lets you avoid paying unnecessary charges for any damage that you have not done. If you rent a car that has dents, stains, or damaged parts already, you should immediately inform owners about the same things. It will help you in paying an unnecessary amount.

5.  Rent from Airport

Renting a car directly from the airport is convenient and everyone does it. Meanwhile, you need to also understand that it is the most expensive option and this is the reason why you should avoid it.

The main reason for this includes different types of extra costs be it airport sub charges, taxes, or others. Therefore, it’s advisable to find a car rental option nearby the airport area rather than directly from the airport.

6.  Paying Money for Accessories

While driving the car, you may need some accessories like a GPS, car seat, etc. If you decide to get these accessories from a car rental service provider, it could be an expensive deal for you. So, you need to avoid doing so. For the GPS, you can use your mobile phone. Besides, you can carry your car seat as most airlines allow doing so.