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Driving is an essential part of life in our modern world. After all, relying on public transport is not ideal considering how poor public transport links and services are in some areas of the country.

That feeling you experience when you first get behind the wheel can be an exciting for some but incredibly nerve-racking for others. Obviously where you live when you start to learn to drive will determine the hazards you have to face when you head out on the roads for the first time. Some of us learn to drive in villages or small towns, but a considerable number of us have to in big, bustling cities like London, Glasgow or the fast-paced metropolis that is Birmingham.

The Problem With Driving In Built-Up Regions

It is in your interests to ensure that your instructor or driving school is very reputable if you have no alternative but to learn to drive in a big city. Unlike those receiving lessons in rural areas, learning to drive in congested regions can means you have to learn to cope with challenges that rural folk don’t encounter. Due the sheer number of people, cars and pedestrians, the hazards you have to encounter are typically are much higher and more often than in other urban or rural areas. It can be far more challenging to learn to navigate the roads in a big city because of the varying dangers and obstacles you may face in a more built-up area.

Pedestrians and Cyclists

Even during ‘quiet’ times, the pavements in a larger city will be packed full of pedestrians. As you may well know, many people do not pay due attention to motorists and will step on the road without checking for oncoming traffic first. As a learner this can be very unnerving, but nevertheless you have to pay extra attention just in case anyone decides to chance their luck – children are especially careless in this respect. In addition, pay close attention to the cars ahead to avoid a collision, as they may have reason to brake suddenly.

Thanks to the inevitable gridlock that occurs during the rush hour in a large city, more and more people are deciding to cycle to their destination instead. However, this presents a maddening problem for motorists. Not all cyclists are fully aware of the regulations of the road and at the moment there is no compulsory education for those who prefer to cycle through busy areas, so these people may not have been trained to observe traffic correctly. Some cyclists do not wear the correct visibility equipment, either, so are virtually invisible in the dark. Frustrating as this may be, it is your responsibility as a driver to avoid cyclists, so you’ll need to be extra vigilant during your lessons.

Take Your Time & Pace Yourself

The key is to build up your knowledge and experience gradually. As a learner, no professional company will choose to put you through highly stressful situation without good reason, so your instructor will usually only take you out on the roads during busy periods when he or she feels that you have enough knowledge and confidence in your driving ability. Don’t feel that you need to rush into the challenge, however – peak-time traffic can be very demanding and you don’t want to feel unprepared.

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