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The holiday season is approaching and it goes without saying that this time of year increases the possibility of accidents on the roads and highways. Not only are more people in a hurry to rush to and fro for holiday shopping, but this is also the time of season where a lot of drunk drivers and accidents occur due to unfortunate and reckless mistakes. Moreover, the weather conditions are usually rough and further increase the potential collision or automobile accident.

Falling asleep at the wheel

Some of the most common auto accidents are some of the most avoidable ones. For example, many accidents occur due to one of the drivers falling asleep at the wheel. To be sure, this is absolutely avoidable if drivers who are weary or fatigued should consider an alternative to getting home or from one place to another. Consider public transportation, carpooling or simply refraining from driving until you have had some coffee or are feeling rested enough to drive.

Driving under the influence

Another common accident is due to alcohol and driving while under the influence. These are some of the most devastating and potentially hazardous accidents on the road. Simply put, these accidents can be avoided by not stepping foot behind the wheel if intoxicated or high from substance abuse. It is not only your life that is at risk but so many more people who are in danger.

Think twice before you drive

Furthermore, the number one solution to some of the most easily avoidable accidents is to think twice before driving if you are tired, under the influence, not feeling well or the weather conditions outside are unbearable. These are easily determining factors for drivers who should not be on the road. And, moreover, with regards to weather conditions it is important to stay in tune with local and national weather forecasts in the event of bad weather or a storm.

Be a defensive driver

The number one tip for drivers during this holiday season and driving in general is to be alert and to be a successful defensive driver. Assuming that everyone on the road is of clear mind and focused ability is a falsehood. On the one hand, the law is designed to make the roads safer and less stressful without the hassle of unsafe and reckless drivers, but this is not the reality of the roads.

To conclude with one more tip, speed is not always best. Most accidents occur due to somebody rushing to get from one place to another. If everyone thought about their driving and how it relates to other people, perhaps the roads would be a far safer place than they actually are.

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