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Have you ever been curious to know what the world’s most lavish and expensive limousines are? Well, now is your opportunity to find out. We created a list that includes the three most expensive limos in this Universe. However we aren’t talking about your typical prom limo that your parents paid for, these are the monster trucks of limousines. These incredible machines have features never before seen that are simply amazing and out of this World. So buckle up and lets take a look at the World’s priciest limousines.

The Midnight Rider

This is hands down the biggest, badest and most expensive limousine ever built. With a cost around 2.5 million bucks, this bad boy is fully-loaded. With 460 square feet, this limo is a beast. It looks similiar to a semi-truck only longer. The Midnight Rider is considered to be a tractor-trailer limousine and cost the average of 650 to 1000 dollars an hour to rent. If you can pony up the doe to ride in this monster there are some things to consider. Not only does this baby have 435 horsepower but it comes with a full staff to run the bar and cater to your every need. The Midnight Rider holds a whopping 40 passengers at one time and drives as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Once you enter the Midnight Rider, you will notice the beautiful interior designed after railroads from the 1800s, providing a classic and rustic appearance. With two lounge areas, one on the bottom floor and one on the top, there is plenty of room to party or relax with friends. Last but certaintly not least is the amazing sound system. It is truly a club on wheels. The Midnight Rider is by far the World’s largest and most expensive limousine.

The Hummerzine

The Hummer stretch limousine or aka The Hummerzine, is one of the most extravagant vehicles on the road today. It’s one of the most popular limos out there and is readily available at almost all limousine rental companys. The stretch Hummer limo is equipped with a full bar, music player, multiple TVs and awesome lighting system to set the mood for any occasion. The music and TVs operate off a loud high-quality sound system that will blow you away. The Hummerzine is one of a kind and with it’s size you will surely get everyone’s attention while you cruise the streets. These custom limos range from 100 to 300 dollars an hour and will fit typically about 18 passengers.

The Million Euro Mini Limo

This next custom limo cost an estimated 1 million euros to produce. Though it is not readily available to the general public, this custom Mini Cooper limo is hooked up at a posh price. The interior is second to none with a huge Fire Diamond LCD TV and comfortable luxury seating. Each rim has a custom designed crystal in the center and the wheels have been coated in pure gold. The body of the car is also made from special crystals and has a beautiful pink touch with an awesome design on the hood. No one will dare to judge you rolling down the street in a pink million euro Mini Cooper limousine, it’s simply lavish.

Written by TJ Beasley, article writer and limousine enthusiast. 24-7 Limousines is the largest custom limousine company in Las Vegas. They provide the ultimate in entertainment vehicles for your wedding, bachelor party, corporate function or entertainment event.