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The Volkswagen Beetle has retained its old charm over the decades. It is still very popular with those who want a sporty yet compact vehicle, and its unique design allows for various design customizations. Any Beetle lover looking to make their Bug stand out can follow the tips below to create a unique a style:

Add Stylish Graphics

Art lovers can add a bit of flair to their Beetle with customized graphic skins. The skin can be custom designed by an artist, or you can choose a pre-made graphic skin from an online vendor or retailer and have it put on by a certified installer.

Customize Interiors

The Volkswagen Beetle has a luxurious and spacious interior. The seats are broad and comfortable, which makes it relaxing to sit in, and with a sunroof, perfect to gaze at they sky. Additionally, a panoramic sunroof will be a nice treat for the beautiful warm days when you want to enjoy the breeze. If you are music lover, consider having a premium music system installed to make the long drives more enjoyable. If you want a more convenient and comfortable experience, consider upgrading to a remote-start system, heated seating, or blue-tooth capable technologies.

Volkswagen Beetle

Get Custom Wheels

Volkswagen wheels are a great option for the true Beetle lover. A new set of VW Beetle wheels of 17 or 19 inch size will give the car a one-of-a-kind look. There are several custom wheel options and rim packages. Those who wish to improve the engine performance may want to consider upgrading to custom turbo setups, aftermarket turbocharger kits, or VW OEM turbo engines.

Install Vertical Doors

Sporty kinds will want to check out the VW Beetle Vertical Door Kits. These are easy to install and will give your Beetle a modern and classy appearance. On a night out or at formal events, these doors will allow you to step out of your Beetle in style.

Convert to Electric Power

With gas prices at a steady high, the Beetle is a perfect candidate for electric retrofitting. Due to its light weight, it gives less strain to the electric motor, and thus, gives a better mileage per charge. The VW Beetle has simple electronic circuitries and is easily modifiable. This makes the conversion process fast. Since old VW Beetles are available in abundance, many people are using it for electric conversion. Converting your Beetle to electric, will help save you money on fuel expenses.

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