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To say that the whole of civilisation could collapse just because of a car might sound a little far-fetched, but when you consider that just one little space rock wiped out the dinosaurs and one tiny volcano took out the Minoans then really, anything is possible. In all seriousness, cars alone would probably not wipe out a whole race of people but it is possible that they could greatly add to the growing problem known as climate change.

Climate Change

Climate change is a world-wide issue and pollution from cars is considered to be a major cause of it. And while a 1mm rise in sea level per year might not concern most people, after all it is such a small amount, over just 10 years that is 1cm. Still a small amount right? Well for those who live on a reef island such as those in the Maldives, then this is disastrous. They average only around 1 – 1.5 metres above sea level and their homes will be non-existent within just a few generations. It isn’t just islands that are affected by this, any low lying land will be prone to flooding, which eventually will become permanent, therefore changing the coastline as we know it today. Where are most of our cities situated? On the coast . . .

So why is that the fault of the car? Well, cars, particularly older models give off emissions into the atmosphere that cause pollution. Cars also regular some kind of fuel to operate and the manufacture of petrol or diesel not only depletes the Earth’s natural resources of oil there are also waste emissions in the production process. Electric cars cut out a lot of that, but they still require energy. The battery needs to be charged and that power supply needs to come from somewhere.

Global Warming is Just a CIA Conspiracy

There are some scientists that have put forward a theory that climate change is all due to the planets natural cycle and nothing to do with man-made pollution. So the car can breathe a sigh of relief. Or can it? Ok, it might not be responsible for the destruction of the environment but cars can actually give us humans other problems.


Cars are very convenient, too many people use them for trips that could easily be walked, and so are cars adding to the world wide obesity issue?

Well obviously they do not help people to get any extra exercise; they are designed to make life easier, and to be used to travel from place to place in comfort. The lack of exercise can cause people to develop health problems. While sure, not all overweight people have health issues, the majority of them do suffer from such things as high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. People who should have long and happy lives before them are now finding that this is no longer true. The poor car is back in the doghouse again.

Clogged Up City Arteries

Traffic congestion, yes it might not end civilisation but it is mightily inconvenient to road users. It can cause tempers to flare and fists to fly, a condition that happens so often it has its own name, road rage. This heightened emotional state has been known to flare up into violent episodes which are not good for anybody.

So while cars are a great way to get around with ease, using one has an effect on more than just your way of life and slowly but surely they are changing the world we know forever.

Phil Turner tries to do his bit for the environment, shopping trips are just once a week and he drives a 1.2 litre Fiat Punto and gets 50+ mpg he drives it so carefully. Another good thing about driving a small car is that car insurance quotes are lower