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We have all seen a picture of a man and son bent over and scratching their heads on what to do next during their classic car restoration project. Some people will look at that picture and nod their head in appreciation and others will look at that picture and ask themselves why? Why would anybody want to take a piece of junk, spend money, and restore it back to what it looked like years ago when it was in its prime? There are many answers to this question but none as simple as saying that when something changes, gets damaged, or loses parts and becomes ugly to the eye, it is easy for us to just toss it out. If we were to take the time and put our hard work and love into it, bringing something that has been damaged and bruised back to the beautiful state it once was will bring satisfaction that nothing else in this world can.

There are many people in this world who do not see the beauty of something when they have been blinded by thinking things are ugly and old. We all see classic cars drive past us sometimes and look at them proclaiming how neat they look but we do not think about the work the person must have put into restoring it back to its original fashion. The person driving the car could have had the car for 50 years and slowly restored it back to its original form. He could have taken the first liberating drive down the freeway with that car or maybe he bonded with his child as they restored the car together from when his son was young until he was into his teenage years. Maybe restoring a vehicle was a lesson to his children that sometimes if something looks ugly, and if you do not judge it and take the time to look into it, you really find something beautiful. It could be a hobby of someone who is sick and needed to take their mind off of having an illness and so they worked on restoring the car as others worked on restoring their body. No matter the reason, we really should look at the value behind classic car restoration.

As Americans we sometimes forget the things that we take for granted. As a society we sometimes lose sight of beauty.  Classic car restoration is just an example of how we bond with children, fix things that need to be mended, help ourselves realize that nothing is ugly if you look far enough into it, and it is a tradition that should be treasured for the value it brings to people’s lives.

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