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A ‘car dash camera,’ also called ‘dash cam,’ is a camera that records video footage, from the dashboard of a car, on which it is mounted.  “Dash cams are widespread in Russia as a form of surveillance, additional evidence in court, and as a guard against police corruption and insurance fraud,” informs Wikipedia. The popularity of car dash cameras, is however not restricted to Russia alone. More and more people around the world are discovering multifarious ways of putting these to use.  Whether you find the car crash videos, seen on television or available on the internet, frightening or fascinatingthe one thing to learn from them, is to invest in ‘car dash camera’ yourself!

A Car Dash Camera Helps Tell Tells Your Side of the Story

Ask anyone who did not have a ‘car dash camera,’ when their car crashed or when they were accused of causing an accident; and they will tell you –they wish, they had one at the time! For many who foresee the dangers that come with driving a car, a ‘dash camera,’ is no longer a matter of choice but a necessity. “Dash-cams are popular in Poland, Japan and the US but have yet to catch on in the UK. They are ubiquitous in Russia with drivers using them to guard against police corruption and insurance fraud,” reports The Independent.

“Some of the dashcams on the market are just a couple of inches long and can be powered by batteries or car lighter sockets. They record high-quality digital footage of the road ahead, even at night, and important clips can be saved on to memory cards before being transferred to computers,” informs Martin Beckford, in the Daily Mail about ‘car dash camera’ varieties available today.

In the UK, “Cycle helmet cameras have been popular for yearsCyclists regularly post footage online following clashes with drivers and the clips are often used as a basis for police complaints,” ‘The Independent’ states. However, now the “Sales of “dash-cams” in cars are soaring as owners record evidence of clashes and crashes with cyclists and other road usersthe growth of dash-cams is predicted to herald a new trend of car drivers uploading footage of bad cycling,” it notes.

A Car Dash Camera Protects You from Fraudulent Insurance Scams

Getting caught up in a situation, where you are unjustly accused of being on the wrong side of the law, while driving your car, is not a rarity anymore. In fact, it would be wise, to beware of gangs that make it their business – to stage accidents, only so that they can make false insurance claims. In the same report, ‘The Independent’ observes how, a growing tribe of car owners are buying ‘car dash cameras’ to protect themselves against such elements.

Known as the “flash for crash” craze – drivers interested in making fake insurance claims, first  flash an oncoming car to allow it out at a junction, and then, much to the car driver’s horror drive right into it! It quotes Alec James – Halfords in-car technology manager, as saying:”Following an incident people are often reluctant to admit guilt and risk losing their no-claims discount. In addition, the surge in fraudulent ‘crash for cash’ claims is causing genuine concern among innocent drivers….”

In this regard, Ian Crowder, an insurance specialist believes that, a car dash camera can provide ‘excellent protection’ against crash-for-cash scams,’ states the Daily Mail. “They can be very helpful in the event of an accident to work out who was involved and who was to blame. Footage could be useful to support an insurance claim. The insurance industry would consider them to be a good thingthey could also be used by drivers to show they were not lane-hogging or tailgating…” he tells the newspaper.

A Car Dash Camera Arms You with Evidence
If you believe in the saying, that ‘Prevention is better than cure!’ fitting a ‘car dash camera’ in your vehicle, should be a priority for you! In any eventuality involving your car, should you fail to produce evidence that supports your innocence, you may have to pay a heavy price! Whether in front of scamsters, cops, lawyers or insurance companies, you need something conclusive to tell your side of the story.  A car dash camera provides you with just the evidence that is also admissible in court!


This article was written by Tim Blake, a legal writer, who believes that a car dash camera can help tell your side of the story, in any eventuality involving your car.