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A wedding is one of the most important and special days in anyone’s life and a hen party – or stag party for the groom – signifies its importance through the celebration of the final night of freedom. Nowadays however, hen parties tend to happen a few days before the big day in order to give the bride time to recover. It’s the job of the chief bridesmaid to plan and execute this brilliant party which until modern times was just a night at the local pub, where the bride had the chance to spend some time with her female friends and family. Nowadays though, brides expect something a little different, a little more unique and a little more memorable than a night in the pub.

Organising a hen do can be an arduous and daunting task for the chief bridesmaid. The expectations of the best friend may be high but there’s nothing to worry about, there are plenty of options to choose from and following some simple rules which will make this very special night successful and enjoyable for everyone.

Firstly, it is important to relax and not get too overwhelmed by the task. Once you’re relaxed consider the main questions that need to be answered:

When should the event be held? Trying to find a date where everyone is available may be difficult but it’s important to make it successful.

The question ‘who to invite’ can be an even more difficult one as not inviting someone could cause disappointment but inviting the wrong person could cause mayhem.

Where should it take place’ can be equally as tricky; you should make sure it’s easy to find, especially if people are travelling a long way to get there. Finally, you have to consider the budget and how much you’re dream hen party will cost.
When planning activities for a hen party, it would be wise to consider the taste, and potentially the hobbies of the bride-to-be. Not all women like the traditional spa day with cakes and champagne followed by a girly night out. Some prefer a fun-filled day with unusual activities which may not follow the general stereotype.

If the respective bride-to-be is a keen car enthusiast, for example, racing could be the perfect option to make it a day to remember. A lot of people assume that hen nights involve strippers and alcohol but if your friend’s not this type of person then don’t do it because she won’t enjoy it. Doing something that’s a little different – like taking sports cars out onto a race track – will not only be enjoyable for the bride but also for everyone else too.

This article was written by Sarah Brown, a keen enthusiast of luxury car hire for special occasions.