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In today’s precarious economic climate more and more people are turning away from dealing with banks (and their shockingly low base rates) and investing their money in classic cars. It’s not just an enjoyable way to make some money for the future – a classic car will often be of greater value than a regular saving account in a few years’ time, if, of course, you choose your investment wisely.

A highly prolific car like a Ferrari F40, for example, averaged £230,000 five years ago at auction, whereas in 2011 it had increased healthily to £290,000 – an impressive 10% interest rate.

Here are just a few classic cars that we think will be great investments for 2013:

1970 Morris Minor

Okay so it might be the equivalent of today’s Ford Fiesta, but this doesn’t discount the fact that it is a great investment, especially the 1970 edition as this was the least-produced Minor. On the market today for only a few hundred pounds, a Minor is a sensible investment as it can fetch upwards of a couple of thousand pounds, making it a relatively safe and certain investment for a classic car collector who’s new to the game.

1957 Hillman Minx

On sale for as little as a thousand pounds, the Minx has been seen to soar as much as fifteen times the value in recent auctions, largely thanks to its rich and prolific racing history. The Minx is a great classic car for any new collector to sink their teeth into, especially considering the affordable initial price.

Ford Anglia

So your mum might have owned one (and maybe even her mum as well!), but nevertheless the Ford Anglia is a great classic car investment. With an extensive racing history, the little Anglia has been known to reach upwards of £25,000 at auctions in the last couple of years- not bad taking into account you could probably pick one up right now for around £500!


The Italian supercar manufacturer will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in May, so any Lamborghini is worth investing in right now. It’s no secret that classic car collectors are particularly generous during big milestone years!

General Advice For New Classic Car Collectors

–          The fewer the manufacturer produced, the better (especially in relation to the year of production).

–          If it’s got rich competition history, then the car you’re looking at is almost always a good investment!

–          If it’s got poor drivability, it’s usually not worth the investment.

–          The manner in which you use your classic car will affect the value when it comes to auction. So don’t be piling on the miles by driving around to your local newsagent everyday thinking this unnecessary use won’t have an effect on your investment, because it will!

–          It may sound simple, but the better you look after your classic car, the more valuable it will become. We’d always recommend that you get care advice and expert opinions from someone who’s been dealing with these prized vehicles for a long time.

Richard Flack is a seasoned classic car enthusiast and applies his expert skills and knowledge by working for UK storage company Autovault.