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Like any other headlights, the Infiniti M45 headlights are the eyes of Infiniti M45. The headlights are located at the front end of the car and emit lights from there, making the car visible for others and the road visible for the driver while driving. Though the main function of the Infiniti M45 headlights are to enable drivers to see at night, yet the Infiniti M45 headlights are also used to notify other drivers of your presence in foggy conditions or a mountain pass where visibility is very low. Therefore, presence of the Infiniti M45 headlights is mandatory for safe riding for both the driver and passengers and for people on road.

Due to their undeniable functional importance, the Infiniti M45 headlights need quick replacement when they are damaged or broken. There’s a fleet of black-and-white cruisers who will gladly replace the headlights for you but unfortunately they will charge quite a lot of money for replacement. Why will you pay that amount of money when you can replace the Infiniti M45 headlights on your own? There are some simple steps to replace the headlights, learn them and do the replacement easily, that too without spending a single penny from your pocket.

Step 1

Initiate the replacement process by ensuring the ignition key is in the off position and the Infiniti M45 headlight switch is off.

Step 2

Open the hood of your Infiniti M45 and find out the top of the headlight assembly. Now locate and remove the central bolt of the plastic shroud by using a ratchet and a socket. Lift the shroud out of the way, so that you gain access to the Infiniti M45 headlights.

Step 3

Find the brackets on the top rear of each side of the Infiniti M45 headlights assembly and then pull up the brackets and align the hole on the bottom of each bracket to the retaining tabs on the assembly.

Step 4

Take the headlight assembly forward away from the Infiniti and make sure you do it without damaging the car bumper.  Now remove the three guide pins.

Step 5

Give support to the Infiniti M45 headlights assembly with one hand, locate the wire harness from the back of the bulb socket and then un-clip them.  Turn the bulb counterclockwise 1/3 of a turn to align the release tabs of the ring and the assembly and take them out.

Step 6

Now hold the new bulbs with towel and insert the Infiniti M45 headlight bulb into the ring. Then align the tabs of the ring and the tabs of the headlight assembly properly. Fix the new bulbs by pushing them inside and twist clockwise 1/3 of a turn to lock. Reattach the wire harness and push the headlight assembly back inside its cavity and confirm that the Infiniti M45 headlights are working properly.

Step 7

Align the three guide pins to their seats and push the headlight assembly back into them gently until they fit into place. Replace the retaining brackets and the shroud. Remove the tools and old bulb and close the hood of your Malibu.

However, before you fix the Chevy Malibu headlights on your own, go through the user manual that came with the headlight packet. In case you are not confident of replacing the Infiniti M45 headlights yourself, trust a professional mechanic for the job.