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Debuted in 1957, Pontiac Bonneville till date is one of the most successful cars of Pontiac. As a mainstream vehicle that was neither a luxury nor a sports car, Pontiac Bonneville was is business for forty seven years. In fact, it is one of the rarest nameplates that have lasted that long thereby, creating a wonder in itself and in the history of cars. Today, the early Bonnevilles are extremely valued as collector cars.

For this classy and reputed car, maintenance has also to be special. Like any other cars, the Pontiac Bonneville comes with some vulnerable parts. One of them is Pontiac Bonneville headlights. Headlights are located at the front end of any car, which makes them fragile to collision. Not only collision, corrosion also deteriorates the function of the Pontiac Bonneville headlights. With their constant exposure to sunlight, rain, snowfall and other climatic conditions, the Pontiac Bonneville headlights like any other headlights become discolored too. In any of these situations, replacement of the Pontiac Bonneville headlights is essential as headlights play an enormously important role in maintaining the safety and security of the car.

Replacing Pontiac Bonneville headlights is not tough as they are crafted to have wires that fit exactly into a wiring socket for the purpose of easy installation and removal, and therefore, even the drivers who lack mechanical expertise can also replace it by themselves. In case you believe in do-it-yourself maintenance, then learn the steps below and replace the headlights on your own. Remember, the steps below do not apply for the models made before 1992.

Step 1

Turn off the engine and headlight switch. Engage your emergency brake for added security.

Step 2

With the two hood release latches, primary and auxiliary, open the hood of the Bonneville.

Step 3

At the front edge of the engine compartment, you will find the backside of the headlight assembly.

Step 4

Now to find the broken bulb socket, you have to reach the backside of the headlight assembly. Once you find the socket, remove the bulb by twisting it anticlockwise.

Step 5

Disconnect the electrical connector from backside of the socket.

Step 6

Remove the old bulb from socket and dispose of it immediately. Now hold the new bulbs with towel and insert it inside the socket. You may need to twist the bulb clockwise.

Step 7

Now reconnect the electrical harness to the socket and push the socket back into the headlight assembly and screw it. Check the new bulb and make sure it works before closing the hood.

You should not touch the bulbs with bare fingers as natural oil, dirt, and debris of your finger can damage the bulbs permanently. In case you accidentally touch the bulb, use a towel moistened with rubbing alcohol to clean the new bulb’s glass. Make sure you have gone through and understood the steps and the user manual that came with the package thoroughly before initiating the process of replacement of Pontiac Bonneville headlights. In case, you cannot replace the headlights on your own, take help of a qualified mechanic.