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This post is just for fun; we all keep our sensible hats on to a degree when we look into hiring a car abroad or in our home country for a particular purpose or excursion, but just for the sake of it we thought we’d look up the most expensive car you can hire…

A Bugatti Veyron?

Yes it’s true! To recap its journey it’s been featured on Top Gear; once racing against a plane, another time racing a fighter jet and another time looking to break a speed record. It’s renowned the world over and everyone even mildly enthused by the automotive industry knows about this car. Designed to be suitable for the road it was reported when it first came out that it cost more to build it then to actually buy it – the technological achievement of actually manufacturing it fit for purpose it was the sole reason it was built and deemed a success. Arguably the pinnacle of motoring mastery it’s astounding that the option to hire this piece of perfection is actually available to us mere mortals. Well we presume this is still the case…there haven’t been any high profile mishaps we’ve seen reported in the news anyway so we hope so!

The Price

Now for the sharp intake of breath…the price tag. This excursion does not come cheaply; it’s expensive, very expensive, $40,000 dollars per day expensive. The mathematics that surrounds this will make your head spin – for example what else could you buy for $40,000 dollars? Well we’ve checked and you can buy a brand new Mercedes, put a deposit on a house, or keep a racehorse in food, water and stabling for an entire year. It also equates to a lot of holidays, supermarket shops and rental payments too. In short, it’s a lot of money and a car hire option sadly limited to the extremely wealthy, although a potential argument may be that if you can afford hiring one for a day – why not just buy one?
These are almost as ludicrous as the price. For your $40,000 you get the car for a grand total of…one day. You also have an upper limit to how many miles you can travel – 50 miles. Someone before us has done the maths and this equates to $800 per mile. Admittedly for car enthusiasts this is surely the experience of a lifetime but for that price tag you’d really need to make sure that you relish absolutely every single second of being in the driver’s seat.

Other Options

Coming down to earth with a bump, we’ve also looked into more realistically priced hire cars. It would seem the most popular cars for those on an economy budget are Chevrolet’s and Hyundai’s. Ford comes in as the most popular for standard cars with Cadillac and Chrysler winning the luxury competition – not as interesting to hear but decidedly more useful. Thankfully car hire is now a service broadly offered worldwide, often with multiple countries being catered for under the same umbrella. Do they all have a Bugatti Veyron on their books though? We sadly doubt it.

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