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Cold winter temperatures bring in poor visibility, snowy and icy roads and freezing winds. Your car needs special winter care in the winter to prevent you from being stranded in the cold. Here are a few valuable car tips to maintain your car this winter and keep it running smoothly.


Inspect The Condition Of Your Radiator Antifreeze

Change your regular antifreeze every two years and extended life antifreeze every five years. This is because over the years, antifreeze shows decreased ability to disperse heat to prevent freezing at low temperatures. This turns corrosive and harms your engine and water pump. A 50:50 mix of antifreeze solution and water works best for most cars in maintaining normal temperature even in winter.

Switch Your Engine Oil

During the winter, replace your old oil with thinner engine oil such as 5W30 so that it flows easily through the engine. You can even switch to synthetic engine oil that doesn’t break down and can handle extreme temperature changes well enough. Your car engine can turn over easily in the cold winter months with synthetic grade oil.

Use Winter Windshield Washer Fluid

Your regular windshield fluid will crack the washer fluid container during winter. Replace it with a windshield washer fluid especially formulated for the winter so that it doesn’t freeze. The washer fluid is essential to keep ice, snow and wipers from sticking to your windshield and maintains visibility in snowy weather.

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Check The Condition And Pressure Of Tires

Your tire pressure drops with falling temperatures. Check your tire pressure every month and make sure you do not overinflate them in winter. If your car has old and overused tires, change them as they can easily get cracked during winter. Tires should have enough traction to drive and stop on icy or snowy roads. You can even opt for winter tires if temperatures in your area fall below 40 degrees Fahrenheit because they are effective at griping in snow.

Inspect The Windshield Wipers

If your windshield wipers are worn out, chattering, or separating, you need to get your car new wipers. Windshield wipers are important for maintaining forward visibility in the winter time. Windshield wipers that are not in perfect form can be worsened by cold weather conditions.

Use A Block Heater

A block heater is placed on the side of the engine block and warms the antifreeze. In this way your engine stays warm and starts easily in cold temperatures. Plug it in when the temperatures dip below -15 degrees Centigrade and make sure to unplug the extension cord before driving away.

Check Your Battery

Before winter comes, test your battery’s strength to see if it can survive through the season. The battery’s cranking amperage gets lower as it gets colder. If your car sits idle in the winter or is used less frequently, use a CAA Battery Tender to keep the battery charged. A battery warmer or blanket is also a great idea in extremely cold climates.

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