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What’s Considered During a Car Valuation?

So you are looking to get your car valued. Well, there are a wide number of factors which are considered when a valuation company is working out what your car is worth to them. They want to make sure that they are getting as much information as possible so that they can make an informed decision. You will have to be as honest when supplying these details as possible as once they get a look at the car they are going to know if there is any trickery afoot.


This is a critical factor and not something which you can bluff on. A car that has done a good deal of mileage is going to be significantly lower in value than one that has been used very little. This effectively comes down to general wear and tear throughout the car. It’s not just the tyres that will deteriorate over time and the car as a whole could be more prone to future issues, hence the drop in value as mileage goes up.

Body & Interior Condition/Style

Damage or wear and tear will reduce the value of the car. While this will mostly be aesthetic and not really affect the running of the car, people are less likely to buy a car with a dent or torn seats. If the car is like new then this bodes well for you. The most common issues in terms of condition are small bumps and scrapes to the paintwork. When they come to view the car they will be extremely through in their inspection of this.

Furthermore, the type of interior will have an effect on the valuation. A well maintained leather interior for instance will generally make the car more valuable than if it was just basic fabric. Similarly, the colour of the car will also play a part in its value.

Tyres and Alloys

While the tyres are a part of the car that is fairly easy to replace, the set that you have on the car will still count towards the total value. What it basically comes down to is whether they will have to replace these in order to sell the car on. Effectively it will be scored from the following; Good, Worn or In Need of Replacement. The second 2 of these will see the value drop.

In terms of the wheels, different alloys can have a further impact on the value. Basic steel rims will be of less value while the different sizes of alloys will each determine a different valuation.

Service & MOT

Put simply, the more recent the better. If your car has not been serviced for some time then it is more likely to be in need of repairs. Conversely, if your car has been fully serviced then the buyer can be more confident that the car is in good working order.

Your MOT certificate will ensure that the car has been through all of the important tests such as breaks and exhaust levels. A passed MOT that is recent will add points to the car and pounds to the price.


As a final point, if your car has any additional features that generally do not come as standard, make sure to point this out. Features such as heated seat, factory fitted Sat Nav, Bluetooth Phone or Linguatronic will make your car more valuable.

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