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Everyone loves the feeling they get when they drive off the car lot in a car you just purchased.  It is an important, expensive purchase that should bring joy and happiness.  But, what if you can just tell that something is wrong with your new vehicle?  Well, there are laws in place to help consumers who feel that they have purchased a dud.  In order to take advantage of those laws, called lemon laws, you must first determine and make sure that the issues you are having fall into what makes a vehicle a lemon.  After you determine that you most definitely have a lemon, then what do you do?

What Is a Lemon?

In general terms for a car to be considered a lemon it must have a defect that makes it unsafe and/or makes you unable to drive it.  Bad brakes, busted transmission, and an engine that just won’t run are things that would classify a car as a lemon.  Things like a rotten paint job or air conditioning that doesn’t work properly are not issues that make a car a lemon.  But since the lemon laws do vary from state to state make sure you look into your state of residency to get the exact requirements.

If you end up with a lemon, the law in its basic form states that you must be reimbursed for the vehicle after you have tried to get it fixed and nothing can be resolved.  The law is in place to protect only the consumer in these matters.  You put out good, hard earned money to buy the car of your dreams.  Nobody deserves to be taken to the cleaners by a dealer that won’t make good on or can’t make good on a warranty.

What Can You Do About It?

If you find yourself behind the wheel of a vehicle you feel is a lemon car, contact a lemon law attorney to help you resolve the problem.  They are there to help you.  They always say that car and driver become one.  I actually believe in that statement.  Cars in a lot of ways are like your children. You always know when something is wrong.  And when you get that feeling, trust your guy and have it checked.  It’s your right as a consumer to get what you paid for.  And in this instance, what you paid for is a wonderful, properly running machine.

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