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Every batch of brand new cars, vans or trucks needs to be managed during the process of transportation. Fleet management services by Vauxhall holds a large degree of success as one of the biggest manufacturers in the world. Fleet management is a means of producing efficiency within a company’s overall transportation and cost of staff. This process helps maximize profit and reduce loss in the industry, which will result in less waste that could have potentially had devastating consequences on the environment and the economy. This only enhances the justification of the predicted growth of commercial fleets to 4million by 2014. There are 3 main features of fleet management:


– this entails making the right moves to ensuring the best possible resale values. Leasing is a popular way of cutting costs without a straight purchase of a vehicle. Despite this, it is in fact auctioning that is the most efficient way to convert a valuable motor asset into cash and achieve close to its market value. Remarketing companies offer free end-of-the-road analysis of your vehicle through fleet management companies to help you along your way.

Fleet Strategy

– strategies such as telematics are pricey but relevant despite some companies being unconvinced by the service. Fleet strategy is important to keep your company running at a cost-effective level. Obviously your desire is to maximize sales potential and minimize loss to create a greater net profit and there are resourceful ways to do this. You can find advice on reducing mileage and running a fleet as well as information on a new carand auction strategies using the right approach.

Accident Management

– accidents are costly for any company. Management through a Vauxhall Fleetwill ultimately aim to measure incidents as the first step to cutting costs before taking the strides to effectively managing the risks on the road. Road accidents can cost companies thousands of pounds each year. Fleet accident management companies allow drivers to get back on the road as quickly as possible, so that the company can reduce the detrimental financial impact of an accident.

Final Word

One thing to take away from this if anything is the fact that auctioning is a popular way to get close to market value on a van or a car that won’t budge on the direct market. Fleet Decision Makers will be offered to you when required. They will have a completely integrated solution for your fleet, which will cover all aspects of managing a large fleet of cars or commercial vehicles.

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